CLEAR Pore Normalizing Cleanser isn’t like other acne cleansers; it is completely non-irritating and won’t cause dryness or flaking. This cleansing gel actually has a silky feel that works quickly to remove excess oil and debris that can clog pores and lead to breakouts.

Daily Vanity Readers' Choice: Cleanser

Gently and quickly removes excess oil and surface debris that contribute to acne. Rinses without a residue, leaving skin refreshed, comfortably clean, and ready to receive maximum benefits from the CLEAR products to follow.

Wet face and apply a small amount of cleanser to your face and eye area with vigorous, yet gentle, circular motions. Rinse well. To remove heavy makeup, repeat or use with a clean, wet washcloth.

If you have a salicylate allergy, check with your physician before using any products that contain salicylic acid.


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Key Ingredients
Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate⁠, Glycerin⁠, Panthenol⁠

All Ingredients
Salicylic Acid⁠, Water⁠, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate⁠, Acrylates/Steareth-20 Methacrylate Copolymer⁠, Glycerin⁠, PEG-200 Hydrogenated Glyceryl Palmate⁠, Sodium Laureth Sulfate⁠, Arginine⁠, Butylene Glycol⁠, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate⁠, Panthenol⁠, Disodium EDTA⁠, Citric Acid⁠, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil⁠, Sodium Citrate⁠, Phenoxyethanol⁠, Caprylyl Glycol⁠, Chlorphenesin⁠

What is the best cleanser for acne-prone skin?
If you have acne-prone skin, we recommend CLEAR Pore Normalizing Cleanser. Its lightweight gel texture and the inclusion of salicylic acid gently erase blemish-causing oil and debris.

Are salicylic acid cleansers effective?
Although salicylic acid is most effective in leave-on products where it has more time to work on skin, it offers soothing and hydrating benefits in well-formulated cleansers. To get the most benefit from using salicylic acid, we recommend following this cleanser with one of our exfoliants for acne.

How much salicylic acid is in Paula’s Choice CLEAR cleanser?
Paula’s Choice CLEAR cleanser contains 0.5% salicylic acid, which is just enough to soothe sensitized skin and visibly reduce redness during the cleansing process.

Is Paula’s Choice CLEAR Cleanser good for dry skin?
Yes, CLEAR Pore Normalizing Cleanser is suitable for dry, acne-prone skin. Its silky, non-irritating formula leaves skin feeling soft and soothed, not stripped, tight or dry.

Does Paula’s Choice CLEAR Cleanser work on sensitive skin?
Yes, CLEAR Pore Normalizing Cleanser is fragrance-free and contains an array of soothing ingredients such as arginine, panthenol and salicylic acid.

Is the CLEAR Pore Normalizing Cleanser good for combination skin?
Yes, CLEAR Pore Normalizing Cleanser is suitable for all skin types prone to breakouts. Those with combination skin find the lightweight gel texture suits their needs well.

How do I know which Paula’s Choice Cleanser I should use?
Learn more about which Paula’s Choice cleanser is best for you based on your skin type.

Is the CLEAR Pore Normalizing Cleanser oil free?
No, CLEAR Pore Normalizing Cleanser is not oil free. One of its cleansing agents is form of hydrogenated castor oil that helps it rinse cleanly from skin, whisking away oil, dirt and debris in the process.

How well does Paula’s Choice CLEAR Cleanser remove makeup?
This cleanser removes most types of makeup easily. To remove stubborn or water-resistant makeup, you may want to repeat use (otherwise known as double cleansing) or use with a washcloth. 

Is this cleanser gentle?
Yes, Paula’s Choice CLEAR Cleanser is exceptionally gentle due to its irritant-free formula and the gentle, non-drying cleansing agents it contains.

Does this cleanser leave skin feeling refreshed?
Yes, CLEAR Pore Normalizing Cleanser rinses cleanly from skin without residue, leaving it feeling refreshed.