The purpose of toners is to replenish and nourish skin after removing makeup and cleansing, a step that can significantly, and visibly, help your skin. Even if you use the most gentle cleanser, your skin still needs to be replenished with what the cleanser removes. This is where a brilliant toner can really shine!

For Normal to Dry Skin:

For Normal to Oily or Combination Skin:

For All Skin Types:

  • Earth Sourced Purely Natural Refreshing Toner has a unique, silky, liquid-gel texture suitable for revitalizing and hydrating all skin types—especially for those in search of an antioxidant-rich, natural-based formula.
  • Refreshing Moisture Mist has a water-light texture that distributes moisture and anti-pollution ingredients on the skin evenly anytime your skin needs nourishment and protection.